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Visual Resilience

by Gilberto Salvador

December 7th, 2019 - March 17th, 2020

What is art, if not the good within as shown to the outside world? What is life without art? But most of all, what are we without one another? when art comes into our lives, all we can do is appreciate - the beauty the value or maybe (why not?) the overwhelming feelings we get when the esteemed sensation is there.


 Gilberto Salvador's work translates into that contemplation every time he demands aesthetic value to each piece he creates. The new series we present in this exhibition “Bachianas” is a reading of renowned Brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos’s work, who created music that has inspired generations of artists, of humans and of empathy. But it is Salvador’s own reading of Bachianas that shows us right now what visuals of those delightful sounds look like. It does not have the themed sequence, nor a harmonic one, but it does have a conceptual sequence as does Villa-Lobos and his own works. these are not a style, but an informal impression and visual plurality of conception.


And how does resilience fit into the beauty of art that arouses exacerbated reactions on us? resilience exists when we use mental process promoting personal benefit, protecting ourselves for potential negative effects or inconveniences. And Salvador is a true artist in the craft of resilience. With the visual aid of art, he manages to overcome physical difficulties, a handicapped and an array of issues that followed these obstacles. Salvador has saved his own life multiple times.


Along his years of artistry, Gilberto Salvador has had several museum exhibitions, as well as individual shows in galleries and Biennials all over the world. For the Bachiana series, he tried to create irreverence and a disperate relationship between one piece and the other. “These are not figurative pieces in the way of how I understand the pure Braziliannese, without being an euphanist”, says the artist. “If separated, they might give another message, but all of them together translate into my work and my inspirations throughout my whole life.”


This is the sum of 50 years of art in his life. This is his resilience.

Art came to give his life meaning.

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