Power of Empathy

by Steve McCurry

December 7th, 2018 - March 7th, 2019

Rubem Robierb was born in 1976 in the northern state of Maranhão, Brazil. He is a fine art photographer and skilled graphic artist whose work merges his edgy Latin background to the skillful commercial art market. As a young fashion photographer ... read more

It is necessary a great amount of empathy to portray another person. How can it not? After all, we're humans, we're all the same. The exact same. Everyone has beauty inside, be it in the smile, on a gesture or even through a glance. And glances can be so powerful, just as powerful as empathy is.


Documentary photographer Steve McCurry is undoubtedly one of the most important and iconic photographers of our time. What makes him special is the empathy that floods from his lenses on to the weeping eye of the spectator, who then cannot be unconcerned to the wonderful sadness or the painful bliss within the colors. Textures that are now imprinted in our minds. The collective unconscious is then surrounded by the exuberance of each photograph. An agent of denunciation on the horrors of War, Steve McCurry brings to his audience peace. What is the difference between what is real and what is seen, and known only to his eyes? That same image, those same green eyes with the red shawl, that image is inserted into many people's subconscious. We all know that girl, we have seen her through his eyes. But he, oh he is the only one who knows her gaze. How does he not lose connection with the subjects of his sight? How does he not cry?


A good portrait photographer needs more than a good lighting and favorable skills, he needs the ability to connect with the person standing on the other side of his investigation. He needs to feel the person's feelings. He needs to know. The power of photography is greater than the documentary aspect of it, since it changes our inner feelings towards reality and provokes subtle waves of approach. Photographers can see we all really are. After all we are humans, we're all the same. The exact same.


The connection between us is uncanny but beautiful and necessary. The relation among breathing beings it's the key to the delicacy of human conscience. Empathy makes us better humans, makes us believe in love and compassion. And empathy is the absolute power.

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