... and the TRUTH will set you free

by Rubem Robierb

December 1st, 2017 - July 5th, 2018

Rubem Robierb was born in 1976 in the northern state of Maranhão, Brazil. He is a fine art photographer and skilled graphic artist whose work merges his edgy Latin background to the skillful commercial art market. As a young fashion photographer ... read more

Make the change you want to see, be the change you want revealed. Don’t be offended by what other people are. You are not anyone but yourself. Respect your friends. Don’t be a slave to your own lies. Learn, look forward. Open up to change from within. Don’t let your broken heart take you aback.


Be sharp, like a bullet. Gentle though, like a butterfly. Make your money worth, be worth the money you make. Focus on your thoughts; pray for yourself and give to others. Be truthful when you pray. Make your voice be heard, silence is dangerous. Protest for your rights, be aware. Fight for the weaker, stand up for your voice, and don’t be fooled by your deceptions - they will come. Put them aside. Changing the world is not easy, try harder.


Love. Love freely. Love yourself first. Then love whomever you want. Love is free, love is power, and yes - love does change everything. Shift the war inside your soul to pure love, share that with your neighbor. Fight for your freedom. Be loyal, be royal, be real. Never regret your desires, they might be your dreams in disguise. Allow free fall towards your passion, and let it be the art of your sincerity. Save your self. Forgive yourself every day. Wake up.


Believe in yourself.

Know your truth.

Your truth will set you free...

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